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A Successful Business

TEMAD - A Successful Business

Temad Co is one of the leading and well-known importer and national distributor of home renovation, DIY and industrial auxiliary materials.

The company holds a large high-quality products portfolio that covers a wide range of applications and uses: adhesives, sealants, PU foams, special decorative car spray paints, technical sprays, protection equipment, fixing systems, abrasives and cutting tools, Aluminium and PVC profiles, painting accessories, thermal insulation and plasterboard accessories, adhesive and sealant tapes, emulsion paints, decorative plaster, bathroom and kitchen accessories, cleaning products, resins, measuring tools and gardening tools, car air refreshers.

The success of Temad's business is guaranteed by the solid principles the company's activity relies on.

Temad is not just selling products, but is offering a full package of trustworthy solutions for each situation taken individually and technical assistance throughout the entire period of the construction or decoration project. Each product is the result of investments in research, in the development of innovating and secure technologies, as well as of increased attention given to the impact on the environment and on humans. This package is supplemented by consultative sales services, specialized training, prompt 24-hour delivery in optimum conditions, anywhere in the country, both in specialized stores that unfold traditional as well as modern trading activities and directly onto construction sites or to dedicated companies.

Its entrepreneurial spirit allowed the company to find and exploit beneficial business opportunities, both by introducing new products on the market as well as by entering new market segments and new distribution channels.


TEMAD Group of companies comprises TEMAD Co - company dealing with the import and distribution of auxiliary products for constructions and industry at national level, Temad Energie - Photovoltaic power station and Temad Productie - Fibreglass mesh factory.
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